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Privacy Policy for WeCare Health Clinic Group (WCHCG)

Effective Date: 11/2022

  1. Introduction
    1. This Privacy Policy is essential for patients of WeCare Health Clinic Group (WCHCG) in Ohio. It describes our policies and procedures on the confidentiality and disclosure of health information related to substance use disorders, in compliance with federal and state laws.
  2. Compliance with 42 CFR Part 2
    1. WCHCG strictly adheres to the rules set forth under 42 CFR Part 2. These federal regulations are designed to protect patient privacy specifically regarding substance use disorders.
  3. Confidentiality of Substance Use Disorder Patient Records
    1. Under 42 CFR Part 2, WCHCG is prohibited from disclosing records that identify an individual as having or having had a substance use disorder. This prohibition extends to direct identification, identification by reference to publicly available information, or verification through another person.
    2. Disclosures are only allowed under two conditions: a) the express written consent of the patient whose information is being disclosed; b) as permitted under specific provisions of 42 CFR Part 2.
  4. Written Consent Requirements
    1. For any disclosure of patient information under the aforementioned circumstances, specific written consent must be obtained. This consent must comply with the requirements of 42 CFR 2.31. General authorizations for the release of medical or other information will not be considered sufficient for the purpose of disclosing information related to substance use disorders.
  5. Restrictions on Use of Information
    1. WCHCG is restricted from using patient information related to substance use disorders to investigate or prosecute any crime against the patient, except as specifically allowed under 42 CFR 2.12(c)(5) and 42 CFR 2.65.
  6. Data Security and Storage
    1. We employ robust security measures to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of our patients’ sensitive information. All records are securely stored and only accessible to authorized personnel.
  7. Patient Rights
    1. Patients at WCHCG have the right to access their medical records and request amendments as per applicable laws. They also have the right to know how their information is used and disclosed.
  8. Changes to the Privacy Policy
    1. This Privacy Policy may be updated or amended. Any changes will be communicated effectively to all patients and stakeholders.
  9. Contact Information
    1. For any questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy or your privacy rights, please contact us at: 937-991-0080.

By accessing and using the services of WCHCG, you acknowledge and agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy.

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